North Lawndale Peace Parks Project


Since I’m just starting a blog I wanted to do a quick posting on one of the projects that I am working on. As of about September 1, 2013 I have been working with the Chicago Urban Arts Retreat located in North Lawndale, Chicago working various graphic design projects. These projects range from rebranding, flyer design, T-shirt design, etc. but one of the larger projects that I have been assigned to is the North Lawndale Peace Parks Project (PPP). The PPP is an initiative to reclaim abandoned or vacant lots within North Lawndale and repurpose them as parks. In addition it is a collaborative public art, and civic engagement project originally developed by Chicago artist Indira Johnson.  Once we acquire an abandoned lot the plan is to than have kids from local schools and near by residents to come out and work with local artists to create meaningful sculptures and murals. At completion local youth will be given the training needed in order to upkeep the parks, for example how to identify and remove graffiti or how to plant and trim plants.


One thought on “North Lawndale Peace Parks Project

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