Coffee Shop Art Show

sips-coffee-shopAfter finishing my first Coffee Shop Art Show it got me thinking, “what are some of the perceived pros and cons of doing a Coffee Shop art show”.  So I started searching on the net and found some pretty interesting things. One of the first things that can up on this search was a Q & A from Which states one of the biggest cons is that the challenge for artists displaying art in non-art venues is that people frequent those venues for purposes other than to buy art, unless of course the venue has a history of showing artists. Imagine your self checking into a hotel or having dinner at a nice restaurant. Are you interested in getting a good night’s sleep or having a gastronomic experience… or are you interested in buying art? People who are serious about buying art normally go to art galleries or art events to do so; not that many are inclined to patronize establishments that are not known for showing or selling art. So if you intend to go ahead with this arrangement, the owners will hopefully present more compelling reasons for your doing so than “if you hang it, they will buy.” The closer they can approximate a gallery setting where the artwork is clearly more than decoration and clearly for sale, the better. This article goes on to say, that on the plus side, alternative venues are becoming increasingly attractive for artists who are just starting out. In addition, depending on the traffic, thousands of new people may well be exposed to your work– a situation far preferred to having these paintings sit gathering dust in your studio– and if all goes well, word-of-mouth may attract even more attention.

So what did I get from this article? Well based on what was stated I believe, An artist when displaying art especially when displayed within an alternative space should focus on, accurately letting people know that your work is for sale, to put it simply the art cannot sell itself. In addition to that the artist focus should be on generating acknowledgment to your work or yourself as an artist. Meaning that people that are not interested in buying your work should still be interested in finding out more information about you as an artist and that information should be readily available for them.


Pros and Cons of Artists Showing Art

at Non-Gallery Venues–

Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Boutiques, Etc.


2 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Art Show

  1. Pros: Your work gets views that you would usually not get. Cons: This isn’t a gallery, so some people will look down on the fact that your art isn’t in the “Proper” setting.


    1. Yes, I will have to agree with that. The mainstream art world looks down upon pretty much any alternative way of getting your art out their, like posting your art on eBay. But that’s not the say that there isn’t any Artist that are successful doing so. Look at TMNK


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